2014 Exterior Paint Colors

Just as new interior paint colors arrive this time each year, so do new exterior hues. If you plan to paint the outside of your home in 2014, look to the latest palettes from Behr, Sherwin-Williams, and Benjamin Moore.

Sherwin-Williams 2014 Top Exterior Paint Colors

Sherwin-Williams also pairs its new exterior paint colors with the appropriate regional and architectural styles. They span the U.S. entirely.

Sherwin-Williams-Renwick-BeigeWest Coast Victorian - The America’s Heritage collection pays tribute to great architectural styles in this country, from Craftsman to Victorian. In this lovely Victorian home, Renwick Rose Beige colors the body in its dusty hue, with the lighter Renwich Beige setting off the trim. Pewter Tankard and Polished Mahogany give the architectural details the attention they deserve, ensuring that passersby see the many wonderful touches.

Northern Shorehouse - This waterside home fits into its surroundings, but does not get lost in any way, thanks to these colors from the Northern Shores & Seaports palette. Comfort Gray serves as the base, quietly reflecting off the nearby water. Alabaster covers the finely detailed front of the home, with Rookwood Red allowing the door to stand out and draw in visitors.

Benjamin Moore Hot Color Trends

This leading paint company looks to enhance architectural styles and surroundings with its new exterior colors as well, choosing a few select homes to serve as inspiration.

Benjamin-Moore-Colorful-CraftsmanValley Craftsman - The Colorful Craftsman collection puts the quiet sage of Thicket on the body of this home with mountains as a backdrop, laying the foundation for the bolder Schooner, Chambourd, and Citrine as accents. The palette is complex but not busy, despite the many colors drawing attention.

California Spanish- As necessary with this architectural style, the colors of the Grand Spanish Villa palette incorporates the rich tones of the tile roof into the overall look, complementing it with the golden hue Rattan as the base and matching it with Rustique on the steps. The deep brown-gray of Silhouette emphasizes the doors and windows.

When considering regional and architectural style, as noted above, be sure to weigh each as equal factors in your decision. What suits a Tudor in Connecticut might not as well in Texas, and vice versa. Your professional painter can help steer you toward the right exterior paint colors for your specific address.

Popular Paint Colors for 2014 from Behr

This leading paint company presents a few of its new exterior colors by regional and architectural style. Considering style when choosing a color only makes sense, as it takes into account surrounding homes and landscapes. For example, paint your California Mission-style home a bold blue and expect it to stick out-and not in a good way. Let’s take a look at four styles and the colors Behr picked for them:

Behr-Classy-Clay-SquirrelNorthwest Modern - Classy Clay is the palette for this modern stucco home with a grand glass entrance. Brown with a touch of gray, Squirrel coats the exterior, with Ultra Pure White making the architectural features of doors and windows stand out.

Northeast Colonial - This stately Colonial puts forth its best feature: red brick. It uses Ultra Pure White only on the columns, trim and door. Understated is often best with brick mini-mansions such as this one.

Southwest Ranch - The Cheerful Celery color palette works well for this ranch-style home in the Southwest. The neutral green of Mountain Haze serves as the base, with the rich brown of Smokey Topaz on shutters and the front double doors. Ultra Pure White again makes door and window trim pop.

Southeast Modern - The sunny collection of Muted Custard colors suits this modern masterpiece within walking distance of the beach. The warm yellow of Cheerful Hue covers the exterior almost completely, with Cinnamon Brandy providing contrast at the door and Ultra Pure White at the trim.

This post is a part of our 2014 Paint Colors and trends series.

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