Popular colors for family room living: greens vs. browns vs. yellows

More laid back than a living room, your family room is a comfortable place you can sit, talk, read, watch TV and movies, or surf the web. The easy-going nature of a family room gives you several different color patterns and styles to choose from.

A fresh paint job has a dramatic and bold effect on your home, and vibrant or neutral colors can deliver unique textures, moods and creativity. Green, brown and yellow are three popular color choices to create a spectacular family room. Here are some of their core characteristics:

  • Green: The primary color found in nature, green corresponds with life's riches. Synonymous with prosperity, the color green increases wealth by stimulating the mind and encouraging individual talents to pursue greatness in your own way. Green tones also promote fresh starts and growth, providing a renewed sense of opportunity.
  • Yellow: Stimulate conversations and clarify your thoughts with smooth yellow tones. Yellow enhances concentration and increases focus on anything you're involved in, whether it's a conversation or a crossword puzzle. Being surrounded by yellow tones enables you to channel your energy on a specific task, and boosts intelligence and mental agility.
  • Brown: Although brown is not a primary, secondary or tertiary color, its popularity derives from its prominence in nature. Similar to green tones, shades of brown appear throughout the outdoors in trees, mud, dirt, rocks and sand. These natural tones create a rich and more appealing atmosphere that soothes the mind and allows for peaceful relaxation.

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