Paint gives birth to a new look for old baby furniture

First-time parents are usually excited to visit maternity stores in search of furniture and clothes as they anticipate the arrival of their newest family member. But as your family continues to grow, it's easier - and more fun - to update your current baby furniture, rather than spending more money on the same crib you bought a few years prior.

Painting the walls in your baby's room is great, but matching or complimenting furniture color really brings the room to life and helps spread positive energy to your little one. Color is important and knowing the type of feelings and emotions certain colors evoke helps you choose the best patterns, designs and room layouts for the most recent arrival to the family. Here are a few of the most popular baby colors and the feelings they promote:

  • Green - reinforces self-esteem, helping people feel calm and rested
  • Blue - elicits tranquility and spirituality
  • Red - a great accent in a child's room, red enlivens any space
  • Yellow - a cheery color that provides warmth and coziness
  • Purple - a rich tone breeds energy
  • White - Used to make small spaces seem larger, white also imparts feelings of peace, faith, joy and purity

Before you start painting, however, it's important to prep the surface. First, repair any loose ends or wobbly chair legs so your baby furniture is fully functional and intact. Second, use medium- to low-grit sandpaper and sand along the gain of the wood for a smooth finish and paint-ready surface. Now it's time for the fun part - painting.

Choose the best color for your child's room and get creative with designs - incorporate polka dots, stripes and fun patterns your child will remember fondly even after they've grown up.

Color Trends

Painting furniture to add a new look

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