Kitchen Colors for 2013 | Exciting Color Schemes for Your Kitchen

Have you been dreaming of a kitchen makeover? Then check out these exciting color trends for 2013 from leading paint companies Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, and Behr. They have more than a few bold offerings to take your kitchen from drab to fab.

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore uses its Urbanite palette to transform one kitchen two ways. In the first version, it puts an unexpected twist on the classic black-and-white color scheme for kitchens. Instead of black, inky Polo Blue goes on accent walls, with Moonlight White providing a contrast on the trim and adjacent walls. Marblehead Gold on the ceiling serves as a sophisticated neutral. The gold also repeats on the shelves of a dining hutch, adding pop and punch to the piece while also tying it into the overall paint color scheme of the room.

In the second application of colors from the Benjamin Moore Urbanite palette, the soft putty of Camouflage covers the walls, with the darker Sparrow on the ceiling. These colors also combine in stencil work above the countertops, serving as stylish alternative to a backsplash. As with the other version, Moonlight White provides contrast on the trim. Both versions offer a modern, fresh look that doesn’t use the more traditionally stark colors typically found in a contemporary kitchen.


Sherwin-Williams recommends going bold when it comes to colors in the kitchen. Its design experts suggest starting with the kitchen’s existing, permanent colors, such as those found in floor and backsplash tile. Using those as a starting point allows you to create a cohesive palette. For example, a contemporary white kitchen with blue in the backsplash could incorporate blues and oranges in the color scheme, as the complementary colors work well together.

Its design experts also stress the importance of using the large-size color samples Sherwin-Williams has to offer. They provide a large enough example of the color to truly see how it will work. Don’t forget to move the samples around throughout the day to see how they reflect the different lights of day and night.



Behr looks to the fashion world for one of its 2013 paint color trends for the kitchen: color blocking. It allows for a strong, graphic décor style in a modern kitchen. The company recommends using two or more areas of solid color and keeping patterns to a minimum to avoid an overwhelming visual. Also use bright hues with bright hues and dark colors with dark colors, as opposed to mixing.

Its example kitchen is a mix of contrasts. Behr uses Twilight Gray as the overall background color for the walls, with Plum Orbit on one bank of upper cabinets. The bright blue of Electrify covers the other upper bank of cabinets, with the rich cognac of Tan-gent on the lower cabinets. The end result is a statement-making room that can serve as a jumping off point for other choices throughout the home.

As directed by Sherwin-Williams, always start with colors that won’t change when deciding on a new paint color scheme for your kitchen. Tile, cabinets and appliances should all factor into your decision. Don’t worry about hardware, as you can easily swap it out for a choice that better fits your new design scheme.

If you need help narrowing your choices, enlist the help of your professional painter early in the process. He or she can help you choose colors, get the large-size samples and apply even larger swatches so you can live with the exact colors before making a commitment. The kitchen serves as a gathering place for friends and family, and you want to ensure the look and execution looks professional.

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