Kids' Room Murals and Wall Stencil Ideas


A child’s bedroom should be a place where the imagination knows no bounds. What better way to create such a space than with a mural? Today’s stencil kits allow you to DIY in just a weekend and adorn a wall-or several-with just about any scene your kid could want. And a kit costs much less than the services of a professional artist.

What a Stencil Kit Includes

A typical kit, such as those sold by, comes with the stencils needed to create a themed scene. The company's Jungle Safari option, for example, includes brushes and 34 jungle-themed stencils. There are clouds, trees, ferns and hibiscus for the landscape, plus a variety of animals. A toucan, bird of paradise, rhinoceros, lion, zebra, giraffe and monkey are among them.

You purchase all paints separately, withMy Wonderful Walls selling coordinating paint kits and pointing you toward any additional paint colors you will need for the background.

Prep Work for the Walls

When using a stencil kit to create a mural for your child's bedroom, start by prepping the room as you would for a regular painting job. Remove all furniture or push it to the middle of the room and cover with drop cloths. Cover the floor with drop cloths as well, taping them down against the baseboards. Take down any window coverings and hardware. Perform any necessary repairs to the walls and do a final cleaning to ensure you have the best possible starting surface.

How to Use the Stencil Kit

Use the scene pictured in the kit as your guide when painting the background of the mural, giving each layer time to dry before moving on to the next. For example, the Jungle Safari theme has a blue sky and green hills in the background.

Once the background is complete, use blue painter's tape to place the stencils around the room. You need not follow the pictured scene exactly. Instead, consider furniture placement and layout of the room to dictate the mural, whether it stays on one wall or covers several.

The stencils themselves are easy to use once you are ready. Simply remove the paper background and apply to the wall, then follow the kit’s direction for paint application. After the paint dries, you just peel the stencil away. You can reuse stencils around the room.

The jungle theme is just one of the many available as kits. You can choose for a baby's room and let older kids pick their own. Among the options are:

Farm-Your animal-loving child might like a big red barn behind his or her bed, with cows, chickens and pigs wandering the walls.

Princess-A little girl in love with fairy tales might like a castle on her wall complete with horse and carriage out front and frog princes at the ready for a kiss.

Dinosaurs-Got a budding paleontologist? Paint dinosaurs roaming the walls and soaring through the skies.

Space-Or perhaps your kid has dreams of growing up to be an astronaut. Create a moon landing.

Under the Sea-My Little Mermaid fans may want to recreate the underwater scene in the bedroom.

There are also stencil kits for different sports, as well as kits that don't create a mural exactly, but instead decorate the walls. Polka dots and flowers on the walls make for a fun décor in a child’s room.

How long the project takes depends on how elaborate the mural is. And while you can certainly DIY if you have the time and desire, many parents assign this task to their professional painter for best results.

This article is just one in our series on faux painting techniques.

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