Color ideas for your mudroom

Your mudroom sees it all, whether you're walking out the door in the morning or returning from a grueling day at the office. This functional room houses your families' shoes, jackets, book bags and anything else you'll need outside the house on any given day. Colors influence mood, so when painting your mudroom it's important to consider how colors can positively affect your family's attitude and what you'd like to leave and return to every day.

More important than colors however, are particular shades. Specific shades of color elicit moods like relaxation, energy and playfulness. Here are some ways to create these moods in your mudroom:

  • Relaxing shades are light blues and greens. These are known as "cool colors" and are particularly soothing compared to bolder, deep shades. Use a semi-gloss paint to create less shine and a more serene atmosphere.
  • Energetic colors are bright shades of blue, red, green, yellow and purple. If you have a large mudroom, it's best to balance the energy from these bright colors with neutral shades. Opposite of relaxing colors, use a high-gloss paint to make these colors "pop" off the walls.
  • Playful colors are perfect for families with young kids and a great way to show off some of your inner creativity. Match vibrant and bold colors to create a fun environment. Depending on the furniture in your mudroom, you can paint the cubbies or individual hooks different colors for each person in your family. You can create a unique pattern and design a bench or storage locker to make your mudroom stand out even more.

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