Kitchen Paint Colors: Great Color Schemes and Ideas for 2013

What color should you paint your kitchen? Well, that depends. Do you have light or dark cabinetry? What color are your appliances? How about your floors? Do you have favorite colors? Factor the answers to all of these questions into your decision and find inspiration from kitchens professionally design with 2013 colors from leading paint manufacturers Behr, Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore.

Behr 2013 Kitchen Paint Colors

Sunlight Delight - Turn the natural light in your kitchen up a notch with this bright but warm palette. Apple Crisp on the walls meets Chai Latte at the ceiling, with Popped Corn coating the trim. These colors complement stainless steel appliances well, as shown in the photo, and light cabinetry. You could even paint your cabinets and drawers in the crisp Popped White if your countertop color allowed for it.

Step Into Nature - If a darker hue in the kitchen better suits your style, this color collection offers exactly that through greens found in nature. Agave Frond creates a distinct base that contrasts nicely with Aqua Smoke as an accent color inside the shelves and with Cotton Whisper on the cabinetry.

Benjamin Moore 2013 Kitchen Paint Colors

Urbanite - This color palette gets two interpretations in the kitchen. In the city-chic version, the luscious Polo Blue on the walls pairs well with the golden-yellow of Marblehead Gold. Moonlight White on the trim and cabinetry makes this an unexpected alternative to the more traditional black and white color scheme seen in many kitchens.

In the softer, more sophisticated application of this color collection, Camouflage green covers the walls and creates an interesting focal point on the backsplash through stencil work with the darker Sparrow, also on the ceiling. A professional painter can easily help you achieve this look. Moonlight White on the trim provide the perfect contrast to both shades.

Sherwin-Williams 2013 Kitchen Paint Colors

2013 HGTV Dream Home - The color palette for this year’s HGTV Dream Home, located on beautiful Kiawah Island in South Carolina, finds inspiration its natural sea surroundings. In the kitchen, Hearts of Palm works and Extra-White work to create a vacation vibe in the room, complementing nicely the stainless steel appliances and light cabinetry.

Global Spice - Also part of the HGTV collection, these colors pull from around the world and can transform your kitchen into an exotic locale for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The rich red of Peppery makes a bold statement on the walls, muted only slightly by neutral gray of Sealskin on the cabinetry.

Feeling inspired? Or a little overwhelmed by your many options? No matter where you are in the decision-making process, your professional painter can help. He or she can offer valuable advice on color selection. You might not know which hues will look best with your appliances, cabinetry and floors, and you might not have even thought about how the color will flow into the adjoining rooms. Remember, if you can see into the kitchen from another room, that room's paint should complement the colors in your kitchen. Having complementary colors throughout your home allows the design to flow from room to room.

Your professional painter also can apply samples for you, so that you can see just how light during different times of the day and night will play on your options. Living with a color for a few days, or even weeks if you need longer to make a decision, always makes sense. After all, a professional interior paint job can last up to 10 years. You want to make sure you love the colors in what, for many families, serves as the hub of the house.


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