Best Interior Paint Colors of 2013

Every year, paint companies release new color collections. They also pick a color of the year from their offerings. Let’s take a look at what leading paint manufacturers Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore and Behr chose as their best for 2013.

Best 2013 Sherwin-Williams Paint Colors

Aloe reigns as the color of the year for Sherwin-Williams. It fits a variety of rooms and décor styles.

"Aloe is highly adaptable, making it a perfect pick for everyday spaces such as a breezy sunroom or a well-dressed living room," says Jackie Jordan, Sherwin-Williams director of color marketing, on the company's website.

In the bathroom, the minty pastel can help set a relaxing, spa-like tone along side natural textiles, aged metals and woods in light to medium finishes. Pair the color with blacks, whites or grays to create a retro look for a more energetic space.

Aloe belongs to Sherwin-Williams' Vintage Moxie color collection, which also includes Rosy Outlook, Bathe Blue, Awesome Violet, Radiant Lilac, Rosedust, Gauzy White, Darkroom, Independent Gold and Obi Lilac.

Best 2013 Benjamin Moore Paint Colors

Lemon Sorbet gets top billing from Benjamin Moore this year. The company describes it as the "perfect transitional color between the mid-tones and saturated colors seen in today’s home furnishings and the softer, lighter pastels which are emerging for 2013."

The beautiful yellow uplifts without overpowering, and it complements and unifies almost any color palette. It harmonizes especially well with other pastels, such as those trending in the coral, pink, blue and vanilla families.

Best 2013 Behr Paint Colors

Unlike Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore, Behr presents color trends as its best as opposed to just one hue, with the hope of helping "consumers express themselves through color," says Erika Woelfel, Behr director of color marketing, on the company's website. "Whether consumers are interior design divas or redecorating rookies, these trends help channel self-expression to create home décor that realizes all of the drama, liveliness or ingenuity they envision."

Behr's four color trends for 2013 are:

Classic Caprice - This trend adds modern twists to traditional design in a new take on elegance. It suggests magenta walls for formal rooms or the addition of black borders to highlight architectural details. The trend creates ornate spaces that also prove warm and welcoming.

For this trend, Behr groups Daah-ling, Empire Porcelain, Black Lacquer, Golden Age and Belladonna.

Color Metric - Pulled from the runway, this color-blocking trend uses geometry to create graphic appeal. A vibrant blue on cabinets serves as a focal point in the kitchen, with neutral gray walls in the background.

For this trend, Behr groups Twilight, Tan-gent, Matrix, Electrify and Plum Orbit.

Sweet Jazz - This trend finds inspiration in the 1920s, part of the art deco age. Pastel greens and pinks mix with polished chrome fixtures, Oriental rugs and exotic flower patterns to set a perfectly nostalgic tone.

For this trend, Behr groups Bee's Knees, Jazzy Jade, Flapper Dance, Heavy Sugar and Shanghai Peach.

Après Ski - To create a sense of woodsy oasis, this trend uses forest greens and kitschy reds with natural woods, rustic materials and eclectic décor pieces.

For this trend, Behr groups Pine Cone Pass, Timber Town, Ski Patrol, Gnome Green and Folk Song.

Now that you know what colors paint companies call their best, pick up samples to see whether or not they will become your favorites. Your professional painter can even supply you with color cards and apply samples for you to live with for a few weeks. That way, you can make your final decision based on seeing the colors in your home in the different levels of light throughout the day and night.


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