What Makes a Best Paint Color for a Bedroom?

Your bedroom serves as a retreat at the end of the day, a place to relax and rejuvenate. Create a calming atmosphere by choosing the best paint color for your sleeping space.

Opt for Blue, Green, Purple or Neutral Hues
Colors evoke certain moods. Certain shades of blue bring about a sense of serenity and contemplation, while particular greens lead to feelings of calmness and security, all pluses for a bedroom paint color. Purple hues encourage both happiness and fertility, but lighter shades such as lavender work best to create a more peaceful environment, one perfect for sleeping.

Neutral shades calm by serving as a quiet backdrop. Blues, greens and purples come in neutral hues, as well, while whites, browns and grays remain the go-to colors for bedrooms where furniture and other décor take center stage.

Consider Existing Furniture and Décor
Whether you choose a neutral paint color for your bedroom or one with more of a presence, factor existing items into your decision. The finishes on furniture, fixtures and décor should all complement the walls and ceilings. If you plan to purchase new pieces for the bedroom, do so before paint shopping, as you likely will keep furniture and other items much longer than the paint. Avoid boldness in the bedroom, on both fronts, to keep the atmosphere from becoming too busy, the opposite of what you want in a sleeping space.

Choose From the Best 2012 Bedroom Colors
Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore and Behr all have shades in their 2012 collections that look and feel right at home in the bedroom. Here are a few examples:

Restless Nomad by Sherwin-Williams
Restless Nomad by Sherwin-Williams bedroom paint colorDespite having "restless" in its name, this paint color palette proves anything but with its Indigo Batik and Armagnac alternating as sultry wall colors in the example on the paint company's website. Both evoke a Moroccan setting, one that will take you to faraway destinations in your dreams.

Blissful Retreat by Sherwin-Williams
Dancing Green and Lucent Yellow create a striped effect in this example of the paint color palette at play. The combination and application create a friendly, comfortable atmosphere that will serve as a refreshing sight first thing in the morning.

Sweet Dreams by Benjamin Moore
Sweet Dreams by Benjamin Moore bedroom paint colorThe paint company offers an abundance of neutrals for the bedroom. Bar Harbor beige covers the walls, while Crème Caramel coats the ceiling. Both contribute to a neutral background that complements the warm furnishings, bedding and other décor shown in this example on the company's website.

Violet Twilight by Benjamin Moore
Evening skies, flora and fruit inspired this paint color palette. The violet-purple theme includes colors ranging from romantic Pressed Violet to the deep, mysterious purple of Approaching Storm.

Sophisticated Style by Behr
Sophisticated Style by Behr bedroom paint
This paint color palette shows how a blue can also be a neutral. The muted hue of Viking on the walls contrasts with the light grey of Silver Sky on the trim, creating a just-cool-enough, calming atmosphere in the bedroom.

Getting Started
The first step in painting your bedroom, or any room in the house, should involve picking up paint color cards at area paint or home improvement stores. Keeping all of the above in mind, allow yourself to gravitate toward your personal tastes.

Once you have several options, meet with your professional painter to get his or her opinion. A professional can help you narrow your options, showing you which colors might work best not only in your bedroom but with the architecture, overall color scheme and décor of your home. After deciding on a final few, or just one, have your painter apply samples of the paint in blocks on various walls in your bedroom. This allows you to see how the colors look at the different lights of the day and night.

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