Paint Ideas for Older Kitchens

All kitchens, new or old, gather unwanted grease and grime from countless hands and fingers busy preparing, cooking, serving and cleaning up after home cooked meals. A fresh coat of paint will transform an older kitchen into an inviting and cosmetically pleasing environment. Unlike many interior painting projects, the kitchen can pose several color coordination issues. As kitchen cabinets, appliances and furniture make for a small amount of wall space, it is essential to make the color count.

Blue and White Kitchen

Benjamin Moore: Elephant Grey, Alabaster, and Black

It is important to do a quick overview of your current kitchen and take these factors into consideration before deciding on the perfect color or colors to paint your kitchen:

  • Color of furniture and appliances
  • Location and prominence of windows and trim
  • Finish of the woodwork throughout the kitchen

Adding colorful accents or trim can complement traditional off-white kitchen walls or cabinets. The pre-established colors in your kitchen should help you choose the perfect color match for the accents and trim. Off-white walls can be boring, especially when they are surrounded by plain white cabinets and countertops. Spice things up with a bright purple countertop or a yellow window trim to bring added life to your kitchen.

Open Kitchen with Warm Paint Colors

Benjamin Moore: Marblehead Gold, Audubon Russet, and White Dove

When choosing accent, trim and even wall colors it is important to find a balance between intense and subdued tones to design a stable yet striking kitchen. Step away from the traditional off-white and bring a breath of fresh air to your kitchen. When doing so refrain from selecting extremely bright and intense colors, as they may look appealing on the paint swatch but, when used throughout a kitchen can be overwhelming. Save these colors for trim and accents as they work extremely well when subtle and softer tones are used as the focal point.

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