Ragging Paint Technique

Rag painting is a special interior painting technique that gives the appearance of a shifting color density creating a soft, faded and well-worn leather look throughout a room. Simply dipping a rag in your paint bucket and using it as a brush is not the proper way to produce this elegant look. It is necessary to follow a handful of steps to correctly apply the ragging technique or lessen the density on a wall that has been painted using this technique.

Ragging Painting Technique Geometric Design

Benjamin Moore: Ragging

Here are the three basic steps to correctly rag paint:

  • Prepare walls
  • Prepare glaze mix
  • Apply glaze mix

Prepare walls: This is the foundation of your interior painting project. Without properly cleaning and repairing any holes or blemishes on your wall the ragging technique and even a standard brushing will not be as effective as it could be with a clean wall.

Prepare glaze mix: When preparing the mix combine one gallon of latex glaze and one quart of matte finish paint with the color of your choosing and stir. Benjamin Moore offers a Studio Finish Latex Glaze that works incredibly well for this technique.

Apply glaze mix: When applying the glaze mix to your interior walls take your rag and form it into a ball while gently dipping the rag into the glaze mix. Begin lightly dabbing the rag into an upper corner and create a random pattern while reshaping and dipping your rag throughout the process.

Reducing Density

The first difference comes when combining the glaze mixture. Add a half gallon of latex glaze and a half gallon of latex glaze extender with a quart of paint. The glaze extender gives you more time to work with the glaze after applying to the wall before it dries.

The second difference comes when applying the glaze. Here, instead of using a rag you will apply the glaze with a standard paint brush in 2-by-2-foot segments.

The final step is removing the glaze from the wall. Use a slightly damp cloth and dab away the glaze. As your rag fills up with paint and glaze replace it with a clean rag and continue until your desired density has been reached.

This article is just one in our series on faux painting techniques.

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