Make a Small Bathroom Appear Bigger with Paint

Aside from penthouse suites and luxurious residencies, common bathroom spaces are typically jammed into relatively small quarters. A new paint job can help expand the room as much as possible without having to put a sledgehammer through the walls. A few interior painting tricks will help visually enlarge your small bathroom.

Light colors throughout a bathroom, from the walls and ceiling to the floors and toilet, will help create a bigger looking space. Pale and soft color schemes like pastel tones and neutral shades are perfect for bathrooms. Strategic splashes of a darker color, whether it's black glass tiles or a horizontal stripe, will help lengthen the appearance of the room.

Adding vertical stripes in the bathroom will draw eyes upward, making the ceiling look taller and the room more spacious. In addition to vertical stripes, painting your ceiling with high-gloss paint will help reflect the light in your bathroom and further expand the look and feel of the room. However, painting with high-gloss paint can be tricky as any minor imperfections will be prominent.

painting small spaces

Vertical stripes add height and space to small spaces like the bathroom.

When painting the walls of your bathroom take the length of each wall into consideration. Painting the shorter walls a lighter hue than the longer walls will drastically impact the look and feel of your bathroom while creating a more spacious atmosphere.

This article is just one in our series on faux painting techniques.

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