Green Kitchen Paint Colors & Ideas

While green might not be your first thought for a kitchen color, consider the following: Green symbolizes nature and good health. What better color could there be for the room in which you prepare meals for yourself and loved ones? Let's take a look at some green color schemes for the kitchen as well as other ways you can incorporate it into the room's décor.

Green Paint Color Collections for the Kitchen

Sherwin Williams-Urban Organic

Urban Organic HGTV Home Collection by Sherwin-Williams - In this color palette, the light green of Hearts of Palm covers the walls, meeting Crisp Linen at the trim and Bee's Wax at the door. The darker greyish of Urbane Bronze contrasts nicely with the wall color. The result: modern urban living meets eclectic colors with just a hint of retro.

Green Modern Kitchen
The contemporary kitchen shown painted in this color palette features the bright, saturated green of Herbal Garden on the wall areas, with Candlelight Yellow serving as a lighter accent color at the backs of shelves. These nature-inspired colors complement the rich wood, marble and tile elements of the modern-looking room.

Open Beige Kitchen with Windows

Classic Fare by Benjamin Moore - For a lighter effect, walls can take on a neutral color such as the Natural Wicker in this kitchen, which allows the Raintree Green on the cabinets to set the color scheme for the room. Cloud Cover on the trim and Paris Rain as an accent color create a warm and inviting space in a home with a more traditional architectural style.

Green Décor Ideas for the Kitchen

Just as the cabinets served as a focal point in the room in the above example, other elements can add the color green to a kitchen or bring in additional layers of the healthful hue.

Green Countertops - Whether you want marble, tile or some kind of synthetic countertop, green is an option, one that allows you to go lighter with cabinets and floors. This traditional kitchen features white cabinetry that allows the green marble countertops and stainless steel appliances to stand out.

Green Upholstery - A rich patterned upholstery covers the back of the banquet in this traditional-style kitchen, introducing the color in an elegant way. This more modern kitchen also uses green as a covering color, this time in leather.

Green Lighting Fixtures - Green pendant lights add a pop of color to an otherwise white-and-black contemporary kitchen.

Green Flooring - In this modern kitchen, the green tile floor serves as the focal point, complementing the light cabinets and stainless steel appliances. Also keep green in mind when looking for artwork and décor for your kitchen. You need not hang items with green as the dominant color, but its presence in various places around the kitchen will only add to the healthful atmosphere.

Getting Started

Whether you are building a kitchen from scratch or moving toward a remodel, you need a design plan. Start by spending time on the paint company websites linked to above. Each shows off its paint collections in various types of room, allowing you to see how professional designers envision their use. Save your favorites and then meet with your professional painter to discuss a design plan.

If starting from scratch, your painter can help you match favorite colors to cabinetry and countertops. A remodel, no matter how minimal or extensive, also will benefit from direction from a professional. He or she may be able to suggest ways to save money, such as by sticking with existing cabinetry but refinishing and painting with your chosen green. Your painter also can apply samples so you may live with the colors for a while to see how well you like - or don't like - them in this most important room in your home.

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