Blue Bedroom Paint | Ideas for Beautiful Blue Bedrooms

The right hue of blue in a bedroom can create a serene setting, while the wrong shade can intensify sadness. Learn more about this popular color for sleeping spaces before hitting the paint store.

Sherwin-Williams-HGTV-Dream HomeDifferent Hues for Different Moods

Light Blues - In general, pale shades of blue bring about feelings of calmness. The lightest hues qualify as neutral and can be crisp and cool, which may or may not suit your taste. Those with more saturation, like cerulean blue, capture the color of the sky on a clear day and soothe upon sight.

Medium Blues - These darker blues can also be calming, as their tones pull from nature as well. Cornflower, peacock and azure blues, for example, work in a bedroom, as does royal blue if you want your décor to evoke a sense of richness.

Dark Blues - These hues can set a meditative tone, but go warmer as you go darker to avoid overwhelming, sad colors. Navy blues bring about a setting in which you can relax and access your inner wisdom.

No matter which shade of blue you choose for your bedroom, know that the color in general suppresses appetite, as it is not a common color found in food. This proves a bonus for those tempted by midnight snacking.

How to Use Blue in the Bedroom
As with many colors suitable for the bedroom, your options are seemingly endless when it comes to incorporation.

Wall Color - If you want the shade you choose to dominate the décor palette in your bedroom, cover all of the walls and opt for a contrasting color for the ceilings and trim. That way, your base sets the tone you desire, such as in this blue bedroom on

Accent Colors - In another blue bedroom on, the most interesting architectural detail of the room gets the blue. The ceiling serves as an accent wall, of sorts, tying the blue bedding and décor to the white walls and trim.

Décor - You need not cover the walls in blue to evoke the feeling you desire. If you prefer your walls and ceiling to serve as a neutral space against which colors pop, then choose a clean shade of white as your dominant paint color.

Finding the Right Blue for You

Online Color Galleries - Benjamin Moore has an online color gallery that allows you to search by color families, with nearly 500 different shades of blue viewable online. Sherwin-Williams also has a color gallery viewable in its website. Its blue color family has more than 150 hues. Behr presents color families within rooms, such as this Sophisticated Style bedroom in blue.

Paint Visualizers - Each of these three companies also has online tools that help you during your decision process. Benjamin Moore's Personal Color Viewer allows you to upload a photo of your bedroom to virtually paint it. Sherwin-Williams' Paint Color Visualizer and Behr's Paint Your Place do the same.

Color Capture Apps - Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams and Behr also have smart phone apps that allow you to capture the colors you like, whether in nature or a fabric swatch, and match to one of their products. The Benjamin Moore app works for iPhone and Android only, while the Sherwin-Williams app works on iPhone, Android and Blackberry. The Behr app works for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Do your initial research using the above tools, then pull your professional painter into the project. He or she can help you narrow choices - or stop you from making the wrong ones for your home - as well as apply samples so you can see how your favorites colors look in the different lights of a day.

This post is a part of our series on Bedroom Painting tips.

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