2012 Exterior Paint Colors

For most homeowners, picking paint for inside the home takes time. Not nearly as much time, though, as choosing colors for the exterior. After all, repainting over a bad color choice in a bedroom doesn't take long, but doing so for an entire exterior proves costly in terms of both time and money. To help homeowners decide which colors will work best on the outside, paint manufacturers make suggestions for different types of architecture. The following color palettes are proving popular in 2012 for their respective styles of homes:

American Colonial
White House with Red DoorIn its new Classic Red Door palette for the American Colonial style of architecture, Behr recommends Silver Sky as a base exterior, with dark Deep Space for shutters and Awning Red for the front door. The pop of color on such a classic palette makes for a striking exterior and serious curb appeal. Benjamin Moore's Classic Colonial palette does the same with its red Dinner Party on the front door. Weimeraner serves as the exterior base, with Wenge on the shutters and Mascarpone on the trim. Owners of Colonial-style homes give these color schemes high praise during the paint-shopping process.

American Craftsman
Natural Style Blue House with Yellow TrimBoth Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams created 2012 palettes for the American Craftsman bungalow. The Natural Style palette by Benjamin Moore opts for a down-to-earth pairing of Clarksville Gray on the base and Stampede on the upper base, complemented by Black on shutters and Paper Mache for trim. Sherwin-Williams also keeps things muted with its color scheme for a Craftsman-style home. Downing Slate serves as the base, with Downing Straw on the porch and trim. Rookwood Antique Gold and Rookwood Medium Brown provide optional accents for homeowners gravitating toward this popular palette.

American Southwest
Spanish Style Home Exterior PaintFor Spanish-style architecture with a vacation-home feel, Behr create the Warm Weather Getaway palette. It uses Old Rose as the base, with Espresso Coffee on the door and Ultra Pure White on the trim. Benjamin Moore offers two takes for Mission-style architecture with its Desert Hues palettes. In the bolder look, the muted and earthy tones of Salmon Stream and White Oak as the base and trim mimic the Southwest terrain, while Colonial Blue serves as a surprise on the door and other accent areas. The more subtle version of this palette uses creamy Peau de Soie as the base, with Warm Brownie on the trim and Covington Blue playing the same roles as its blue counterpart in the bolder version. Homeowners in the Southwest appreciate and approve these popular color schemes.

When it comes time to repaint a home's exterior, homeowners should enlist the help of professional painters early in the process. The professionals at ProTect Painters not only prep your exterior and apply the paint, they also will help finalize choices. They know best what works well for a particular style of house, and they also can provide feedback regarding regional color palette trends. This helps keep a home in line with others in the area, so that if the homeowner ever wishes to sell, a wrong color choice won't dilute the home's value.

This post is a part of our series on Exterior Painting tips.

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