Exterior Paint Colors For Shutters and Trim

Define the exterior of your home to life with a splash of color. Enhance your home's exterior design with color that is inspired by the tones of your home's exterior brick or stone. These observations will give your exterior shutters and moldings many color options to choose from.

A dark brick styled home. When the home is predominately covered in a darker brick, it is important to choose a traditional color that pops. This completes a classic design. Recommended colors would be a black or off -white hue. When brick takes a lesser space and is shared with siding your exterior color options on the siding can be a bit bolder. It is important to remain neutral with your accents.

A painted brick home. When the home is a solid white, it allows for more color options for exterior shutters. Things that you may want to consider first before deciding on the color:

  • Historical color scheme: if you are planning on painting an older home you may want to bring in color chip samples to your local paint store to make an accurate color match.
  • Making a Modern Change: before you buy the paint make sure to check with your neighbors. Using bright or more modern hues may be considered a no-no in more conservative neighborhoods.
  • Look around: the landscape that surrounds your home could be blooming with color ideas. Consider looking at what your neighbors have done and consider what will produce harmony on the street -yet set you apart, by not looking identical. Use this with what you see in the natural landscape surrounding your location to bring different palettes to mind.
  • Darker color the smaller they seem or the lighter the color the bigger it seems.

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Yellow Painted Exterior Home

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