5 Ideas to Make Chalkboard Paint Work For Your Home

Create a fun, functional, and unique space in your home using chalkboard paint for your home painting project. After all it is durable and washable!

Chalkboard paint ideas and recipe written with chalk on gold-framed chalkboard

5 Chalkboard Paint Ideas for Your Home

  • Kitchen: If your kitchen has a cozy eating area or a desk area that is home to all homework activities, shopping lists, recipes or bill paying this is a perfect spot. Put a frame around it to dress up the most popular room in the house!
  • Child's Room: make sure to put this in a low area for easy reach. This is a perfect place for them to communicate on the day they had or the one coming up!
  • Mud Room or Laundry Room: A chore board is a novel idea. Make sure that weekly chores are assigned and being checked off the list. This is a perfect place since it is usually far from sight by visitors, but in bird's eye view of those that get things done around the house.
  • Office or Den: This is a perfect location to keep your household "organization" running smoothly. Designate an area to keep up with weekly activities instead of just the monthly bills.
  • Bar Area or Family Room: Great area to add whimsical messaging while entertaining. Notify your guests what you are serving or remind them of good cheer!

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