Put Leftover Paint to Good Use - ProTect Painters In the News, January 2012

The Daily Herald recently featured an article with tips for storing and using leftover paint from an interior or exterior paint job. ProTect Painters VP of Operations and Training, Chris Ring, provided the Daily Herald with his expertise on the topic.

Chris Ring_VP of Operations and TrainingWhen it comes to storage, "leftover paint stores better and is easier to identify in a clear plastic peanut butter or mayonnaise jar," recommended Ring. But if you would rather try and use the leftover paint instead of storing it, there are many functional options.

"Paint dresser drawer fronts or hardware for an entirely new look. If your dresser already is painted or stained, you can paint over the finish, but any surface you plan to paint must be clean, dull and dry," Ring says. To get your surface to this state, you should "remove the knobs or handles and sand the drawer fronts using a fine grade of sandpaper." After sanding is complete, "Wipe the sanded surfaces with a damp cloth and allow them to dry completely before applying a coat of primer..." Finish by applying one or two coats of paint to the primed surfaces, and reattaching all removed hardware.

Paint Roll and BucketThe article also offers creative ideas such as painting the walls of a child's dollhouse, or revamping ornate vintage picture frames for a unique home decoration.

When you have exhausted all options, it is OK to dispose of dried or solidified paint in the garbage. If it is not quite dry, cat litter can be added to absorb any excess moisture before disposal. If you have leftover paint that you don't want to store or reuse yourself, consider donating your paint to Habitat for Humanity.


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