2012 Interior Paint Colors and Trends

Paint can transform a room from drab to dramatic. Or it can serve as a neutral backdrop for statement wall pieces and smaller décor accessories. Whatever its purpose, 2012 brings a variety of options in interior paint, including these color trends from leading paint companies:

Warm & Earthy

Modern Living Space with Bold Colored WallColors taken from nature remain popular in 2012, with both Behr and Sherwin-Williams introducing color palettes taken from Mother Earth. In Santa Fe Today from Behr, warm natural hues include the inviting soft red of Prairie Poppy, the warm glow of Darlin Clementine and the calm dusty lavender of Canyon Sunset. Sherwin-Williams' Neutrals collection also follows this trend. The color palette brings to mind fields of grain, weathered wood, and earthen clay.

These colors work well with organic furnishings and accents, such as a leather sofa, aged ironwork, and handmade pottery pieces. And don't forget the textured materials for both floor coverings and storage.

Bright & Urban

Living Room with Cream Walls and Colorful DecoreBold statement colors bring even more excitement to a city dwelling. Behr introduced its Retro Recall palette this year, and geeks who grew up in the '80s can't help but love it. The digitally inspired colors feature fun names, as well, including Game Over Gray for a deep hue reminiscent of a video game background. And LOL Yellow, Red Wire, Level Up Green, andReboot Blue all look like more sophisticated versions of the colors found on a Rubik's Cube.

Hues such as these serve as the perfect surroundings for modern furnishings mixed with nostalgic accents, such as movie posters and collections of everything from action figures to comic books.

Rich & Tasty

Dining Room with Striped Painted WallColors found in foods also appear as a color trend in 2012. In Benjamin Moore's Spiced Life, well-seasoned hues include the deep brown of French Press, grey undertones of Revere Pewter and orangey red of Persimmon. Foods also influenced Sherwin-Williams' Reds collection, with Burgundy, Fabulous Grape, Gingery, andSmoky Salmon among the offerings. And Behr also looked to the kitchen for inspiration. Its Tea Party palette features sweet colors straight from a confectionery, including the glossy aqua of Sugar Pool, the fresh airy green of Minty Frosting and the coolness of Violet Water.

While perfect for the kitchen and dining room, these colors also add richness to other rooms in the home. Fabulous Grape, in particular, makes an excellent accent-wall color choice, and any of the Tea Party hues create a whimsical atmosphere in a child's bedroom or playroom.

When deciding to paint interior walls and ceilings, homeowners should involve professional painters as soon as possible. Not only do the experts at ProTect Painters prep and apply paint, they can also help narrow down the many color options available in 2012. The painters apply paint in sample sizes, allowing homeowners to see how the colors look in the different lights of day and night to help make final choices. Paint color sets the tone for an entire home's décor, and using professional painters ensures that the job gets done correctly and with minimal hassle to the homeowner.

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