Paint Color Combinations

Who says you have to pick one color for a room? Certainly not home décor specialists or professional painters. If you're in the mood to change up a room, or several, consider choosing multiple colors for walls and accent features, plus another for the ceiling. Several paint manufacturers are showing this continuing trend with new options in 2012.

Pastel Paint "Eclectic Chic" Palette BedroomAccent Vertical Stripe
When showing off its Eclectic Chic palette, Benjamin Moore uses a total of four colors in one bedroom, with a wavy, multicolored vertical stripe serving as a decorative effect on the accent wall. The purple Bonne Nuit covers the majority of the accent wall, with the gray-purple Sanctuary going on in a 1-inch wavy line from ceiling to floor, excluding trim. On the other side of the Sanctuary line, the green Elemental covers the remaining wall space, blending into the adjacent wall and beyond. On the trim and ceiling, the white-gray of Angelic lightens things up. The color combination and application set a refined yet relaxed mood in the room.

Color Blocks
Beige Modern LoftRalph Lauren extends the color-block clothing trend to home design when presenting the Urban Loft palette. This application involves dividing a wall in half horizontally, then painting the top one color and the bottom another. Ralph Lauren uses the dark khaki of Urban Living on top, with the lighter Hazel Wood on the bottom and ceiling. The result: muted yet distinctive walls that complement modern furnishings and décor. This same concept also works well as a wide horizontal stripe along the middle of the wall, with the remaining space covered by another darker or lighter color.

Multicolored Accent Features
Roasted Pepper Painted KitchenUsing multiple colors to cover accent features in a room creates a welcoming, somewhat whimsical, setting. In the Spicy Sweet Kitchen palette by Behr, Roasted Pepper serves as the backdrop for the room, covering each of the walls. Lighter Sahara Sun coats accent features such as shelves and selective cabinet fronts. The crisp Popped Corn trims windows, while creamy Honey Bear covers the ceiling. This trend works best with stainless steel appliances, so that a fifth color doesn't push the room into overwhelming territory.

When opting for multiple colors within a room and within a home, keep a few things to keep in mind. Before starting the painting process, put all of the paint palettes together to ensure they work well together. Consider sight lines within your home as well. For example, if you can stand in your kitchen and look into both your dining room and living room, the color of the kitchen wall you see should blend harmoniously with any wall and ceiling colors in sight. Also, always keep furniture and fixture colors and finishes in mind.

If you feel overwhelmed by choosing multiple, complementary paint colors and also their application, contact the professionals at ProTect Painters at the beginning of the project. Not only will they help you make final selections, they will prep, paint and leave you with expertly painted walls and zero cleanup.

This post is a part of our series on Interior Painting tips.

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