2013 Exterior Paint Color Trends: Southwest

The vast and rugged landscape of the southwestern region of the United States is home to breathtaking and majestic colors. Adobe homes once dominated this region. Made from a mixture of water, straw and dirt, the homes promoted earthy tones which are now seen through colors like terra cotta, chocolate, beige, yellows, oranges and pinks. Some painting techniques are able to create this classic look using these familiar colors.


The foundation for many southwestern homes, brown is a mainstay throughout the region. A great way to use brown on your home's exterior is to apply a lighter base coat and a darker glaze coat for a slight contrast. All shades of brown work well with brighter colored shutters or shingles.


Light shades of gray, off-white and white are all considered earthy and neutral tones that work well with the surrounding landscape in the southwest. These versions of white create a sense of openness and make a structure appear larger to the eye.

Red & Burnt Orange

These are vintage southwestern old world colors and make for excellent accents in your exterior painting. Use these colors on the front door or pillars for a classic southwestern feel.


This bold shade of blue is extremely important in the Native American culture, and represents life and water to many of the native inhabitants of the southwest. Seen as a cornerstone throughout Native American jewelry, turquoise is a great accent color that adds balance to your home.

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