2013 Exterior Color Paint Trends: West

The Western United States is home to unique landscapes and rich cultures that inspire countless hues perfect for exterior paint colors. From the mountainous regions to lively Southern California to the coastal beauty of the Pacific Northwest, there are earthly color tones that maintain each regions rich tradition while bringing a fresh feel to your home.

The mountainous region in the west stretches throughout Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Montana. The rocky hills and natural dust from the earth create rich colors that are popular for exterior painting projects. Rich sienna browns, yellows, denims and ochres are used to create focal points with golds, rusted tones and bright greens as ideal accents.

Orange painted adobe house in desert

Ideal exterior painting for the southwest are beiges and red-oranges along with accents of chocolate browns, blazing reds, yellows and copper tones.

Throughout Arizona, New Mexico and the deserts of California you can find Santa Fe, Haciendas and Old World influenced architecture that features terra cotta roofs and adobe style designs. Ideal exterior painting colors in this region are beiges and red-oranges along with accents of chocolate browns, blazing reds, yellows and coppers to compliment the surrounding tones found in the rocks, sand and dirt. Southern California, on the other hand, is home to a more lively culture and exterior painting trends there reflect the upbeat atmosphere. Here you will find tangerines, marigolds, pinks and lime greens.

The Pacific Northwest is home to an abundance of natural beauty including the verdant forests and the Pacific Ocean coastline. Along with the natural beauty however, comes a rainy season. A fresh coat of exterior paint can help counter the dreary weather. Grays, deep blues and whites matched with accents and trims of tans, golds and reds make for a great contrast throughout the year.

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