Kitchen Paint Colors: Great Color Schemes for 2012

In most homes, the kitchen doubles as a family room. Kids do their homework at the kitchen table, and adults mingle before a meal to chat and enjoy a glass of wine with the chef. Make your kitchen as inviting as possible with one of the standout 2012 color schemes.

Punchy Green Kitchen by Benjamin Moore

Punchy Green Kitchen by Benjamin Moore
This modern color palette suits an equally modern kitchen. Grape Green covers the walls and backsplash, with Paper Mache taking over above the cabinets and on the ceiling. Wrought Iron serves as a striking contrast to the vibrant green at the kitchen's trim and accent pieces. This color scheme works best with dark cabinets and furniture, which complement both the green and saturated grey.

Elegant Purple Kitchen by Benjamin Moore
A mix of modern and feminine, this color scheme adds a touch of elegance to a contemporary French country or farmhouse kitchen. The soft Elephant Gray sets a cool, crisp tone on the walls, with Alabaster providing a contrast on the kitchen's ceiling and trim. Black serves as an additional contrasting color on accent pieces, such as an island. A mix of light and dark cabinets and furniture continue the elegant theme.

Gentle Medley by Sherwin-Williams

Gentle Medley by Sherwin-Williams
A color palette such as this adds a light, airy feeling to a kitchen without veering into the realm of too-sweet pastels. Chartreuse, a bright but not too sunny yellow, covers the walls, with the orange Chivalry Copper peeking in from the entryway. The pop of green on the island with Breaktime adds just a hint of spring, with white serving as the contrasting color for trim. This delicate color scheme works in both traditional and modern kitchens, with lighter cabinets and furniture creating the best balance.

Sunlight Delight by Behr

Sunlight Delight by Behr
Another color palette for a contemporary kitchen, Apple Crisp covers the walls, with Chai Latte meeting it at the ceiling. Popped Corn works at the trim, serving as a contrast to the darker and lighter shades of orange. Light woods and stainless steel appliances fit nicely into a kitchen with these colors.

Creamy Cappuccino by Behr
The cuisine-inspired colors of this color scheme bring to mind a favorite coffeehouse. Toasted Nutmeg sets the rich tone, with Wine Barrel serving as a slightly darker accent color. Almond Crème and Ultra Pure White provide contrast on the cabinets and wainscoting. This color palette suits a variety of architectural and décor styles, changing its effect with choice of hardware and furniture.

These are just a few of the great color schemes available in 2012. As with any home painting project, consult your professional painter early in the process to ensure that you make the best possible color choices. Not only can a member of the ProTect Painters team help you narrow options, he can apply your favorites as samples to the walls so that you may see how light plays on each throughout the day and night. You might love a color in the early-morning sun but find it's too dark when artificial light hits it at night.

A professional paint job also lasts significantly longer than a DIY project, as a painter with years of experience can point you toward the highest-quality products and the right finish for your project. For example, you may want a semi-gloss or gloss paint for your kitchen. These finishes prove durable and scrubbable, two qualities recommended for high-traffic areas such as the kitchen.

No matter which color scheme you choose for your kitchen, be sure to live with it for a few weeks and get family members' input before making the call. After all, the room does serve as your second family room.

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