Spice Up Your Interior Accent Trim

You walk into a room-the master bedroom, a bath, even your sprawling closet perhaps-and you don't see and feel it anymore. The vibrant colors that set your mood have gone stale and lifeless. It's time to do something about it, but what? Well, you will be surprised the lift you can get by just adding a splash of color to the accent trim. We're talking door and window trim, chair rails, ceiling molding, baseboards, wainscots, and wallpaper borders.

So let's get started. What paint finish are you looking for? At ProTect Painters, we don't recommend matte, flat enamel, and eggshell finishes. They are typically used for walls. You want your trim to stand out and to provide a color and finish contrast to the walls. For trim you have several options: 1) Satin finishes have a smooth, velvety look with a hint of gloss. Satin is good for trim in kids' rooms because it's formulated to hold up to cleaning and light scrubbing. Rule of thumb: The shinier the paint finish the better it will stand up to washing. 2) Semi-gloss paint is another finish that is easily cleaned and lays down a subtle shine, without being to glitzy. 3) High-gloss paints mimic enamel and plastic and present a dramatic, contemporary look. The only negative is that high-gloss finishes magnify any surface imperfections, so avoid trim that bumps and bruises easily.

Whenever you paint, whatever you paint, the key to durability and your long-term satisfaction is preparation-good tools and superior paint. Here are a few steps to ensure a beautiful lasting finish:
Accent Trim Bathroom• Clean to maximize adhesion.

• Identify your current type of finish.

ProTect adjacent surfaces from dust, paint drips or splatters.

• Smooth the surface and properly repair chips, holes, dents and cracks. The finish paint will enhance all imperfections.

• Use masking materials to achieve a perfectly straight line and paint with confidence.

• Prime all raw or repaired areas.

• Choose the best finish paint.

• Thin, condition, the paint and maintain a wet edge to reduce brush marks.

• Properly use the brush for the best finish.
Many paintologists recommend painting accent trim as the best value make over for any room in your home. Whatever your interior and exterior painting needs might be, paintologists also recommend contacting your local ProTect Painters for a FREE estimate. We agree.

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