2011 Interior Paint Color Schemes

Just like decorations and furniture, the color of a room may inevitably fall out of style. As color palettes change for designers, they also change for homeowners. Although it is not necessary to touch up and repaint the interior of your home each and every year, an occasional adjustment in wall color can not only liven up a room, but can act as a breath of fresh air, changing the way you look at the room. Sherwin Williams offers their take on 2011 Interior Paint Color Schemes and we re-cap their findings below:

Paint for Living Rooms and Offices – Purely Refined

Subtle Color Painted Living RoomElegant colors are on the upswing in popularity. These colors are a bit more understated, allowing you to use a variety of furnishings and color combinations without causing the room to appear garish. The subtle colors of Queen Anne Lilac, Light French Gray, Rice Paddy, Dutch Cocoa and Classic Light Buff are a few of the paint shades defined as Purely Refined by Sherwin-Williams. With these muted color tones, you can layer several of the options over one another. This helps add small accents to particular areas of the wall or trim, by using a different color for one wall or as an outline on crown molding. This particular color palette functions well in any room of the house, but it really shines for office and living room design. It creates a lovely backdrop that won't take notice away from other items in the room you may want to showcase.

Bedroom and Dining Room Color Ideas – Restless Nomad

Blue and Beige Bedroom with Bright FurnitureBased on color patterns from Morocco, Turkey and other distant countries, the Restless Nomad collection brings bold, bright colors into your home. The color scheme may be deemed a bit too vivid for a living room or dining room, but functions exceptionally well for a bedroom. It will allow you to add a bit of excitement into your decorative accessories, as nothing is too bold or over the top. Gypsy Red, Hopsack, Indigo Batik, and Exuberant Pink are just a few of the options you have for wall and trim colors. This color palette is all about personality, and if yours is loud and vivacious, this exotic color setup is perfect for you.

Go Bold in the Dining Room – Bold Invention

Bold Blue Painted Dining RoomEnhancing your room and style is what color is all about, and if you have an adventurous side, Bold Invention is the color palette for you. These colors are crisp and clean, containing a touch of flair without going over the top. Most of the colors are on the cooler side of the color spectrum, with tones ranging from Garden Grove and Tempo Teal to Quilt Gold and Habanero Chile. These colors are exceptional for a bathroom and even work for a kitchen design, although you may want to opt for the slightly warmer tones of Habanero Chile and Quilt Gold, as blue tones tend to stymie an appetite.

The Perfect Paint Choices for Kitchens and Powder Rooms – Gentle Medley

Bright Yellow Kitchen PaintFor clean, refreshing pastel colors, Gentle Medley is the ideal option. The colors bring new life to a room, without overpowering with bright colors. These colors are closely related to the Purely Refined color scheme, as the colors are slightly muted, but the warmer tones are invigorating for a kitchen. Additionally, if you are expecting a child and don't want to go with the typical blue or pink, Gentle Medley offers exceptional color choices. Whole Wheat, Chartreuse, Break Time and Supreme Green all offer warm colors and are not gender specific, so if you opt out of discovering the sex of your child before he/she is born, you can't go wrong with these options. The colors also meld well together, so it isn't out of the question to paint each wall a different color and still enjoy a unified effect. Of course, using a single color in the given room is also an excellent choice.

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