Painting Ideas for Kids' Bedrooms – Great Choices for Girls and Boys

Kids are surrounded today by stimulating sounds, images, and colors. Video games, computers, and even 3D movies, while often confusing to parents, are merely a fact of life to children. Sending a kid to his or her room as punishment doesn’t have the same isolating impact as it did 15 years ago. With that in mind, designing a color-rich, imaginative child’s room should give them not only a fun place to hang out, but also a sanctuary to call their own.

Everyone wants a cool place to hang out, right?

Cute Kids Room with Painted CloudsThe first step in creating the ultimate children's hangout is to find out favorite colors and themes that they are excited about. Talk with them and get their ideas on what they’d like to have in the room. Opt for easy-to-clean surfaces, multi-use furniture, and long-lasting, durable interior paint color schemes that will grow with the child.

Decorative Paint Techniques

Once the interior paint color scheme has been decided upon, decorative paint techniques can be used to jazz up the room. Pinks, oranges, yellows, and reds can be sponged onto a wall to create a sunset effect in a surfer-themed room. Or, for an old-world appearance, such as on a fairy princess’ castle, a Venetian plastering technique would add extra charm and beauty.

Sponging uses the texture of a sponge to blend two or more colors. After painting the wall with the base color (and allowing it to dry completely), lightly dab other colors onto the wall using a natural sea sponge. Test out the colors on a small section of the wall first, to establish color density and pressure while dappling your paint.

Venetian plastering creates cracks and imperfections associated with stone and old, plastered walls. When using this technique, apply two or three layers of tinted plaster to create the desired distressed look. This technique is a bit tricky, so consulting a paint professional might save you some headaches down the road.

Choosing Color Combinations

Not all boys like blue, and conversely, not all girls adore pink. Have a conversation with the child to determine a color scheme that will make them happy. The easiest place to start is by asking what colors they don’t like. Kids are very vocal when it comes to what colors they don’t want in their rooms. After throwing out those bad colors, zero in on definite choices by deciding on a warm or cool color palette. Mixing and matching colors from within these ranges will almost always create a great color scheme. Once decided, make sure to pull colors from furniture, bedding, and carpets to round out the colors.

No matter what theme or color scheme the child chooses, remember, it’s his room and he’s the one who is making the choices. Kids are pretty design savvy; inject your opinion when asked but let them make the final choices. They might even ask to help with the painting!

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