A Unique Perspective on Exterior Color Trends from ProTect Painters Franchise

Home exterior colors haven't changed since buffalo roamed the plains: Teepee WHITE, Prairie GREEN, and Log Cabin BROWN.

White House with Red DoorWhite remains the most popular exterior paint color because it is so perfectly versatile. It's clean, fresh, and so accommodating-the ideal background for accent colors that make trim and architectural details jump out to the curb. Can you imagine green or blue or brown shutters against anything other than white? Nor can we.

Then there are the standard neutral colors, the politically correct 'earth' tones-browns, tans, greens, oranges, even some reds-that blend in with the surrounding environment, that complement the natural beauty and camouflage your home from teenage pranksters, shield you from pesky vermin, and protect against unwanted scrutiny from your neighbors. "Yes, the neighbors next door seem like a nice quiet family. We don't see them, or come to think of it, their house very often."

Some might ask: "Why does our most visible personal billboard have to communicate that our family brand is dull, that our personalities are bland, and that no one really 'lives' here?" Trucks unload large boxes of furniture, appliances, and electronics and crowds gather to rate your purchases and rank your social standing. But, as soon as experienced, professionally trained painters begin scrapping, sanding, chalking, and power washing your home, the 'architectural' committee is at your doorstep waving homeowner association covenants in your face.

Blue House with Shutters and White TrimWhere is our freedom of expression? It may be a constitutional right, but there is a homeowner association bylaw that supersedes it. If we can unfurl the red, white and blue on occasion, why can't we paint broad strips and bright stars about the house to show our true patriotism year round? Then just try and tread on me.

We all have our favorite teams, don't we? We have interior rooms and walls devoted to crimson and gold, maroon and black, and maize and blue, and closets and shelves full of colorful memorabilia that stirs us and elevates our pride. What if we started a color trend where everyone painted their house their favorite team color? And really went all in: home colors on the front, away colors on the back, and on each side adorned with impressively large team emblems and mascots. I know one thing-no neighbor or teenage prankster dare arouse a badger, a bear, or a wolverine.

Would you paint your house black and gold or cardinal and gray? Tell us. We want to know. In the meantime, check out the color trends from Sherwin-Williams, one of our corporate partners. From American Heritage, Desert & Southwest Style, Northern Shores & Seaports, to Southern Shores & Beaches, Suburban Modern, and Suburban Traditional, Sherwin-Williams has you covered with a variety of regional, exterior color schemes.

Be sure to contact your ProTect Painters franchise owner for a free estimate. And when you are ready, go team, go!

This post is part of our series on Exterior Paint tips.

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