Home Safety and Security

Beautiful Grey Home ExteriorTaking care of home safety and security is high on everyone’s priority list but sometimes we don’t always know exactly how to make our homes safer. Follow these simple and easy tips to improve safety around your home.

Reduce Burglary Risks
Intruders don’t want to be seen or heard when doing their dirty work. A few simple home safety and security prevention measures go a long way toward keeping out unwanted visitors.

1. Change your locks when you move into a new house or lose your keys to prevent break ins by burglars using older keys.

2. Lock your doors and windows when you leave the house even if it is for just a short period of time.

3. Don’t keep spare keys in your mailbox or under a doormat. Instead, consider placing a key in a small tin and burying it somewhere you can easily access it.

4. Install outside lighting and/or motion detecting lights especially in dark entry ways, back doors and driveways.

5. Trim shrubs, bushes and trees around your exterior windows. Intruders can easily hide behind this foliage and camouflage their movements.

6. Protect your doors and windows by making sure the wood in the frames is in good shape and free of rot, which is easy to pry through.

7. Consider getting a dog who will draw attention to anyone approaching the door.

8. Secure your garage by frosting or covering windows, keeping the doors locked at all times, and installing a peep hole on interior doors leading to the garage.

Chipped Paint on the side of house with Lead PaintOutdoor Home Safety
When evaluating home safety and security, many homeowners forget to think about the dangers a home can present on its own.

9. Reduce clutter including debris from gardening and other projects, which present tripping and injury hazards.

10. Is your exterior paint lead based? If it is and it’s chipped or cracked, it could present a lead poisoning hazard.

11. Check for standing water around your home, which can become breeding grounds for insects and other harmful bacteria.

12. Put up a gate or fence around outdoor pools and spas to decrease drowning hazards.

13. Under and around play structures, install soft materials to minimize injuries when children fall.

14. Check for hidden hazards like pipes, exposed wiring, or small holes that can cause tripping.

Firefighter with Home FireFire Safety
When evaluating your home safety and security, remember to check your fire safety precautions.

15. Create a fire safety plan everyone in your household knows and a safe meeting place outside the home.

16. Install a fire alarm in each room of the house and regularly test the alarms.

17. Keep your house number visible and clear from the street so fire engines and other emergency vehicles can quickly locate your house.

18. Move your outdoor grill at least 10 feet away from other objects including your house and never leave the grill unattended.

19. Keep fire extinguishers in easy to get to places both indoors and outdoors.

20. Lock up matches and lighters out of reach of children.

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