Dan Schaeffer provides Painting Preparation Tips to KTBC Fox 7 in Austin, Texas

ProTect Painters of Central Austin, owner Dan Schaeffer was recently featured on Fox News to provide paint preparation tips and selecting the correct paint for various surfaces. Watch the video or see the full transcript below.

Newscaster: "You may want to give your house a makeover, but before you pick up a paintbrush, there are a few things you need to know to get started and joining us this morning, the owner of ProTect Painters, Dan Schaeffer. Dan, it's good to see you."

Dan Schaeffer: "Good morning, Katherine. Thank you for having me."

Newscaster: "Thanks so much for being with us. Okay, so I hear that, you know, preparation is everything. You just can't get the can of paint and the paint brush and go to it, right?"

Dan Schaeffer: "This is exactly true. A good prep job can make all the difference in a long lasting paint finish and the key to starting is to make sure the house is clean and that includes pressure washing or hand washing where appropriate and making sure that any chipping or peeling paint is sanded down and scraped away and that if necessary primed, and that if any wood or board siding is rotted or weathered, making sure that those are replaced prior to painting."

Newscaster: "Well, and how important is it to follow those steps, because, I mean, as you list things off, people might think 'Oh, my gosh, that's more of a job than the painting itself, right? So, why is it so important to do those steps?"

Dan Schaeffer: "Well, the key to a long lasting paint job is to make sure the paint adheres properly, making sure that the house is clean of any debris or mildew, making sure that the paint has a smooth surface to adhere to, so scraping or sanding and making sure that it's dry. The prep work can be 50 to 75% of the labor in a quality, professional paint job."

Newscaster: "Now you also say caulking is very important when we're doing these jobs. Why is that?"

Dan Schaeffer: "It's one of those often overlooked prep steps and because caulking around the windows, around the doors, anywhere there's a wood joint, a gap, can prevent moisture from getting in and one of the enemies of paint is moisture, so making sure that you use a high quality caulking is really, really critical."

Newscaster: "Now, Dan, you've been on the scene for many years, do you see a lot of people who have tried to do it themselves; they didn't follow those steps and then they've got to hire a professional to do it over?"

Dan Schaeffer: "All the time, all the time, and yeah, it's one of the reasons why we recommend hiring a professional painting contractor for any exterior painting."

Newscaster: "All right, so let's talk about selecting paint, because I know it depends on what you are painting, right? There are three different categories. Explain that."

Dan Schaeffer: "Sure, a lot of homes in Austin have siding, either hardy plank or masonite, and for that we would use a high quality latex or acrylic paint. We often use a satin sheen and what that does is help to mitigate any of the imperfections. Another area that you'll see is iron railings around porches or in the front of the house and for those we would typically use an oil based enamel paint and often you'll see rust and we'd scrape the rust with a wire brush and we'd use a rust-inhibiting primer and then use an enamel which is a lot more durable because iron rails tend to rust. And then you have our front door, which is the hood ornament, so to speak, of the house and we want to make sure that when we refinish a front door we sand it down, we use a high quality stain and then the key to a long-lasting front door finish, is we use a product call Spar urethane and that has UV protectants so that in the Central Texas heat and sun, it gets beat down and we want to make sure that there's a thick coat over the front door."

Newscaster: "That is very important, especially if your door faces to the West, right?"

Dan Schaeffer: "Yeah, well, in Central Texas, they get a lot of sun.

Newscaster: "No matter what."

Dan Schaeffer: "Exactly!"

Newscaster: "I know. Dan we've got to go, thanks so much for being with us. Dan Schaeffer is the owner of ProTect Painters with some good tips for us this morning. Thank you."

Dan Schaeffer: "Thanks so much for having me."

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