Strip Away Winter Blues with a New Coat of Paint

Snow on TreeAt least 20 percent of the U.S. population is estimated to suffer from the "winter blues." Symptoms include fatigue and a decreased interest in hobbies and activities. Colder temperatures and shorter hours of daylight can contribute to a seasonal feeling of the doldrums. However, ProTect Painters wants to remind homeowners that, compared to the other seasons, they will most likely be spending more of the winter season indoors. Additionally, one of the most powerful and inexpensive ways to change the mood of a space, and that of its residents, is with a change in its color scheme.

Any savvy room-decorator must consider the characteristics of various colors before buying paint. ProTect Painters offers the followingexpertise with insight from various sources, including Freshome, Bloomsburg University, and others. This simple information should be kept in mind when you determining what colors are most appropriate for your house. They include:

Blue Simple Bedroom - Blue: Elicits feelings of tranquility and confidence. Is the least appetizing color, so should not be the main color in kitchens. People are more productive in blue rooms and it is common in bedrooms because it produces calming chemicals in the body.

- Green: Representative of nature, health, and relaxation. Currently the most popular color for decorating because it is easiest on the eyes. It is suited for almost any room in the house because it can promote comfort in the living room and also fertility in the bedroom.

- Purple: Connected with spirituality, nobility, and wisdom. It is most successful when used sparingly.

- Red: Brings people together and stimulates conversation in the living room and stimulates appetite in the kitchen. Strong and can increase heart rate, so neutral accents should be utilized.

- Yellow: Inspiring and hopeful. People tend to lose their tempers most often in yellow rooms. It is the hardest color for the eye to take in. Yellow enhances concentration, speeds metabolism, and is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.

- Orange: Denotes balance, excitement, has luminous qualities. While it is not a good idea in the living room or bedroom, it is great for an exercise room.

- Black: Effective in small doses as an accent color. Symbolizes power, formality, and elegance.

- White: Simple, pure, clean, and brings a summery lightness to any room. To make white work, an accented wall, colorful furnishings, or artwork should be used.

Specializing in exterior and interior painting, on residential and commercial projects, ProTect Painters provides local businesses and homeowners across the country with highly-skilled, trustworthy, and fully insured and licensed painting professionals who provide superior craftsmanship. Utilizing a myriad of paint options and finishes, combined with flawless customer service, ProTect Painters guarantees a stress-free home improvement experience for its customers.

To lift your mood this winter by changing the paint of your home or business, find a professional ProTect Painter in your area. Or, click here for a free estimate.

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