How will the franchise FIT on you?

Good question.

"But I'm shopping for a franchise, not a business suit," you say. Well, consider this: You surely have more experience purchasing a (man's or woman's) suit than trying on a franchising. Let's see if the similarities can help you make a more informed buying decision.

Does your franchise fit like a suit?Do you really need a new suit? Have you outgrown your company or career? Has the company outgrown you, or are those industry opportunities no longer tailored to your expertise? Open your closet full of experience and decide whether a well-worn look is more comfortable, or if it is time for a new you. Make the decision and do not doubt yourself.

Can you afford a new suit? It costs money-there may even be expenses you can't plan for. And, "new" carries risk. Are you all in? A whatever-it-takes attitude may not ensure success, but anything less will certainly invite failure.

Does it feel right? This is the most important criteria in evaluating a franchise opportunity. Despite what you might think or what you have been told or right or wrong, your decision will be 80% emotional and 20% rational. Take a deep breath. Accept it. Move on. Now if you are talking to a franchise consultant or a company's franchise development manager, do you trust that person? Is he or she trying to sell you something off the rack, or taking your measurements to determine what is best for you? Have you spoken with franchise owners? Are they open and honest with you? Don't expect everyone to have a wrinkle-free experience. There will be snags along the way. And this is not a marriage, but you will be rubbing elbows with your peer owners and the corporate support team, relying on them for solutions, soundings, and support. Do you like the people?

ProTect Painters owner in truckHow will I look? There should be a measure of vanity in your decision. When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see? Do your family and friends support your decision? Will you feel proud networking your business in the community?

Will it wear well? Nothing is forever. But, does the business model fit your career timetable? Is management buttoned-down? Is management willing to adjust systems to meet new trends in the marketplace and quick to alter support as you grow your business?

From businesses that never seem to go out of style to the hot new franchise fashions, there is a FIT for you. A good place to start is ProTect Painters-a year-round blend of what the market needs and innovative systems and support that keeps you ever ahead of the competition.

And, if you want to secure the beauty of your most important asset, be sure to contact your local ProTect Painters franchise owner for a free home-painting estimate.

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