Choose Paint Colors That Lift Your Spirits

ProTect Painters Bathroom PaintWe all know that colors can affect our mood swings like a dog's wet nose, a summer cold, and a certified letter from the IRS.

A bright azure sky will put a bounce in our step. A green light produces a squirt of adrenaline. And, a red rose is nature's love letter. We cannot control all the colors that bombard us each day, but we can use the healing, pleasurable, and energizing power of colors to influence our disposition in the place where we spend most of our precious moments.

The next time you contact your local ProTect Painters for an estimate to paint the interior rooms in your home, ask for advice on the colors that set the mood you want to create.

For example, let's start with the bedroom. It's naturally a place for rest, conversation, and occasional begging. A vibrant red might be over the top and trouble if it splashes on the mirrors. Use it sparingly- best as an accent color to quicken the pulse and deepen the breathing.

A blue hue is a good option for a bedroom. Though it may appear cold and formal, it can create a laid back feeling that can calm jagged nerves and put that significant other in the mood.

Look for yellows to cast sunlight on kitchens, living rooms, and dining rooms that otherwise can feel dark and cramped. We caution with yellow. While it's an "optimistic" color, it can be hard on the eyes. Again, using red as an accent can add vibrancy and stimulation to those spaces, too.

Green is a great color for bed and bathrooms-lighter shades suggest serenity and nature. If you like dark greens that bring to mind good taste and wealth, be sure to accent with lighter colors and ample lighting.

If purple is your pleasure, it suggests femininity and royalty. But when overused, it can appear artificial and cause you to apply too much make-up. Keep it real with shades of orange that grab attention and enliven spaces like a family room and a home office.

For a builder's white, unless you are creating a sterile environment for minor home surgeries, or you feel best when depressed, use it only to soften the overpowering effect of dark reds, blues and greens.

You might be surprised to learn that white in combination with black creates a sophisticated and formal look, which can heighten your self-esteem and lighten your bank account. Black is a risky color particularly if you have a dark side.

ProTect Painters Dining Room PaintIf you like brown, it can create warm and inviting spaces, but it is best applied in faux techniques to lend texture to walls and to mend frayed edges. It can also create an "antique" atmosphere for when the boss comes over for dinner and you want him to think you are mature beyond your years.

We at ProTect Painters hope you find this primer on using paint colors to affect your environment and mood helpful. And when you are in the mood to paint your home-interior painting and/or exterior painting-be sure to contact your local ProTect Painters for a FREE estimate.

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