Tips for Selecting an Interior Paint Color

Selecting Paint Colors from a swatch"Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment."

- Claude Monet, Impressionist painter

A common challenge for homeowners is paint color selection. It's no surprise, given the amazing number of options and brands available. Here's an example of how you can break this daunting task into manageable parts. We will focus on interior color selection in this example.

Let's assume that you have no particular color in mind - you just know that you want to make a change. The first step is to select a general color palette - for example, shades of brown or gray. Your paint contractor or paint store can provide a color wheel to facilitate this step. It's often best to start by eliminating the color palettes you don't like. This is easier than trying to pick the winning color right out of the gate. For example, you may decide that you don't want a dark color, because a bedroom has limited natural light. Or you may decide that you want to paint your dining room a little darker to match furniture or make it more formal.

Once you have selected a general color palette, for example, light blue in a bathroom, the second step is to put up a test patch. Sherwin-Williams can mix a sample of any color for a nominal cost, and this step is well worth the time and money. It is much more helpful to see larger patches of paint colors side by side on the wall than to rely on the relatively small color samples. Also, remember that colors look different during various times of the day and with different amounts of light. Observe your samples at several different times during the day to get a true feel for how they will look. For high-traffic areas, an eggshell or satin sheen finish is often better since it resists stains better than flat paint.

Gray Paint on an living room interiorIf you want more in-depth guidance on colors, it may be good to work with an interior designer who can offer his or her expertise. Your painting contractor should be able to give you several good references. The designer can help you redecorate one room or an entire house and provide insight into the complete aesthetics of a space, including paint color, furniture, flooring, lighting and artwork.

Homeowners frequently wonder what color to paint their home to prepare it for sale. The goal here should be to neutralize the color of your walls to appeal to the greatest number of potential buyers. Even though you love those dark purple walls, they may not appeal to everyone. You should also consider color palettes that provide more light, brightening up spaces and making them appear larger. Softer colors in the beige or light green family often work well. If you’re painting a room that opens to another room, be sure to consider how all the colors will flow together. Potential buyers are more likely to be able to visualize their furniture in a room if the colors are neutral and not overpowering.

Once you have selected the wall colors, you can address the ceiling color. Many homeowners think that ceilings must always be white. Not so! You can choose a color for the ceiling that complements the wall color. This is often a color within the same family but lighter. A flat sheen is best for ceilings, since it is nonreflective and hides imperfections well.

So you now have a few tips that will set you on the path to selecting new colors for your home. By following this approach - starting with a color palette, narrowing it down to a few colors and applying paint samples to the wall - the process of color selection is much easier and much more likely to provide great results!

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