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  • Applying Textured Paint to Walls and Ceilings

    Some homeowners paint their walls a neutral color in a flat finish. On these backdrops, art and decorative items hang to serve as décor. Other homeowners prefer the paint itself to be a decorative element. They opt for textured products and faux-finish techniques. To join the latter group, learn how to add texture to your [...]


  • Red and Pink Interior Paint Colors

    Red and its lighter shade pink are definitely not neutral. Both are confident colors that immediately transform the look and feel of a room. Red stimulates, working well in dining rooms as it increases the appetite as well as conversation. Pink can add a punch of bright and sweeten a space if lighter. Consider it [...]


  • Father’s Day Facebook Contest: Win a Chore Free Weekend

    Surprise Dad with a Chore Free Weekend! Father’s Day is at the height of the busy summer season – right when the household “To Do” list is really starting to grow. ProTect Painters is offering Dad the chance to enjoy a “Chore Free” weekend. Allow the experts in home improvement and house cleaning to take [...]


  • Painting Kitchen Cabinets: What to Know Before You Do It Yourself!

    Painting cabinets can transform a kitchen, however the job requires the skills of a professional painter or an experienced DIYer for best results. Dan Schaeffer, owner of ProTect Painters of Central Austin and a leading painter in Austin, TX provided some insight on the difference between a professional job and a typical do-it-yourself approach to painting [...]


  • Exterior Paint Color Combinations for 2014

    When choosing exterior paint colors for your home, consider three factors: architectural style, environment, and personal preference. The latter proves easy enough—just think about the colors you like—but the other two challenge many a homeowner. Get expert advice from both the paint companies and your professional painter to make your final decision. The Right Paint [...]


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