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  • Modern Paint Color Ideas

    What does “modern” mean when it comes to interior design? Sleek furniture, minimalist décor, and a simple paint palette. Today’s modern colors go well beyond black, white, and gray, though those standbys still prove popular. Let’s take a look at modern paint colors standing out in 2014 from Behr, Sherwin-Williams, and Benjamin Moore. Blacks, Whites, [...]


  • New Painters in St. Petersburg Ready to Paint the Town

    There are new painters in town, but you might just feel like they’ve been here all along When Becky Bonnstetter knocks on your door, you just might feel like you’ve known her your entire life. Pair her Midwestern charm with an eye for color and a sharp-as-a-tack knack for business and you’ll agree she is [...]


  • Using Paint Swatches to Choose Exterior Home Colors

    Picking exterior paint colors takes time and serious consideration. After all, unlike interior hues these are visible to anyone who passes by, and they set the tone for your entire property. Exterior painting also is an investment. Choose the right colors and you’ll be happy for five to seven years—as long as the job lasts. [...]


  • Using Paint Swatches to Pick Paint Colors for Interior Rooms

    Choosing interior paint colors is an involved process. Start by picking out swatches and narrowing your options to one or two color schemes with backup trim and accent hues. Then follow these five steps. 1. Tape the paint swatches to the wall or walls in each room to be painted. Pick a wall that will [...]


  • Orlando Painter Sees Safer, Brighter Future

    For Venezuelan entrepreneur Antonio Castillo, local franchise paints a safer, brighter future   Antonio Castillo has as colorful of a personality as the bright hues that adorn the homes of his homeland of Venezuela. His zest for life and genuine gratitude come through with every word, and carry over into the enthusiasm he feels to [...]


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