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Our Interior House Painting Approach

ProTect Painters follows a systematic, time-tested approach to each interior house painting project. You have better ways to spend your time than to paint and manage your interior home improvements – let ProTect Painters handle the work for you!

Interior Painting Steps

Step One: Request an estimate. Our professional house painting representative will be able to print a detailed estimate for you on-site. We'll walk you through every detail so you can ask any questions you might have.

Step Two: Schedule service. Typically, we can begin work within 2-3 weeks after the estimate takes place. We will confirm all project specifications including color, coverage areas, pricing, etc. We will also contact you to confirm our arrival time.

Step Three: Extensive prep work. We move all items to the center of the room and cover them. Then, our interior painters can also repair drywall or perform basic maintenance as needed to ensure the paint will adhere correctly. Painting can be considered “90% prep work,” and we’re happy to do it.

Step Four: Paint magic begins. If we repaired any walls, we apply primer then across all agreed upon areas, we apply a quality coat of paint in the color and finish you approve.

Step Five: Clean. Following each day of your interior home painting service, we pick up and clean the areas we worked in and ensure the area is safe for you and your family.

Step Six: Perform inspection. Our interior painting contractors will inspect the area and identify parts that need touch up. When it is ready for final inspection, we walk you through the work performed and ensure you are satisfied with the work performed.

Step Seven: Pay and enjoy. We’ll confirm final payment details then leave you to enjoy your freshly painted space!

We promise to make your interior home painting experience simple and enjoyable. Start the process and contact us today.

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