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Systematic Approach to Painting

Professional Painting Preparation

Systematic Approach to Painting - Powerwash

All ProTect Painters franchises follow the same proven, systematic four-step painting process to achieve a beautifully painted exterior.

Step One: Why is Power Washing So Important?

Thorough power washing is essential for several reasons. Chemicals from landscape maintenance can cause paint to peel, discolor, or fail prematurely. Neglecting to remove dirt and chalk (it’s normal for paint to oxidize in the sun, and turn chalky to the touch) will prevent paint from sticking to siding. It sticks to the dirt instead, which will eventually be brushed or blown off the house.

Don’t be tempted to cut corners when power washing—using a garden hose will not remove all impurities and pollutants common to home exteriors. For example, mildew spores actually eat paint. Consider it a fuel that allows them to multiply rapidly. Mildew requires a bleach additive to completely kill spores.

Your ProTect Painters professional house painter will have the proper equipment to clean all surfaces of your home’s exterior. Once the house is fully dry (which will take slightly longer in humid climates or colder temperatures) the actual painting can be done with confidence.

Step Two: Paint Preparation Equals Long Term Results

Our extensive prep work process is what sets us apart from painting companies who hire inexperienced crews with a high volume, low quality business model. Unlike those paint crews, our painting services give you long lasting results. Here’s our approach to professional painting preparation:

You’ll often hear painters say, “Prep is 90% of the job.” It’s true, and we put a substantial amount of effort into scraping, sanding edges of window sills, and power washing to remove dirt and contaminants.

We also take the time to protect your landscaping and ensure our setup is not interfering with your day to day.

As needed, we can perform minor maintenance. See which other home services we offer.

Step Three: It’s Time to Paint!

Here’s when the real magic happens. Our exterior painting experts will paint all non-covered areas with primer followed by your selected color choices. Before we start painting, we’ll discuss whether or not your project will require a second coat.

Need help selecting an exterior paint color? Read our recommendations.

Step Four: Clean Up

In addition to touching up and doing our individual inspection, we will also walk through the paint job with you to ensure your satisfaction. After the touch ups are done, then we clean up the area and leave you to enjoy!

For more information about the painting prep work you can do to make our work quicker and easier, click here.

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