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Exterior Solid Stain

Differences Between Solid Color Stain & Traditional Paint

Solid color stain looks like paint, but soaks into wood instead of sitting on top of it. As it weathers and ages, stain breaks down by fading rather than peeling. Older layers of solid color stain tend to look better than paint does over time.

Keep in mind that solid stain provides a flat finish which showcases wood grain. If there are a number of imperfections in the wood, the stain would highlight those as well.

Though it doesn’t have quite the same longevity as paint, solid color stain is much easier to prepare and apply. Our exterior painting contractors won’t be required to scrape and prime, as you would with painting.

Exterior Solid Stain - Stained homeWhere Can Solid Color Stain Be Used?

Solid color stain is available for wood and concrete surfaces, as well as sidewalks, decks, patios, and balconies. In addition to wood and concrete, solid stain can be used on aluminum siding, hardboard and substrates - all of which would need to be primed before stain application.

ProTect Painters is happy to provide exterior home painting services to these additional parts of your home.

To maintain beauty and prevent damage, horizontal surfaces require more frequent maintenance than upright structures. Feel free to ask your expert exterior painter from ProTect Painters how often you should stain your decks, patios, and balconies.

Benefits of Solid Color Stain

One of the benefits of using a solid color stain is that you often have as many options as you would with a traditional paint color. A solid stain can be used on new or previously painted wood since a solid color will cover the previous color completely.

When choosing a solid color stain, keep the following in mind:

  • ProTect Painters uses only premium paint products. We’ll pick the quality; you pick the color!
  • Test the colors of stain like you would paint and check it out at different times of the day, including night (just turn the porch light on!)
  • To figure out which color, identify the boldest feature of your home’s exterior that will not be changing. It could be your black roof or your Japanese maple, for example. Pick a color that’s opposite of that dominating feature on a color wheel, and you will have a complementary color scheme.

Remember, your ProTect Painters exterior home painting expert is there to help. We’re licensed, trained and professional. Trust us to help you achieve your ideal curb appeal!

Contact us today for an exterior home painting estimate!

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