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Exterior Paint Recommendations

Selecting an Exterior Paint Color with ProTect Painters

Choosing an exterior paint color is a decision that adds beauty and curb appeal to your home. It’s also one you’ll live with for 7-10 years, so you’ll want to make sure you are comfortable with your pick before and after the paint dries.

What You Can Expect from ProTect Painters

ProTect Painters’ exterior painting contractors are prepared to help you select your exterior paint color or solid stain. At your request, they will provide you with popular and architectural-based color palette materials from top paint manufacturers such as Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore and Behr. Read more about our home painting partners.

Your representative can also accompany you to your local hardware or paint store to help select samples and test them. Since paint chips are manufactured with ink, not paint, the true color may look significantly different on large outdoor surfaces. We recommend painting at least a 1 ft2 test spot of paint on the exterior of your home for an accurate analysis.

Consider the Light

The appearance of a color’s hue or vibrancy may alter at higher and lower light levels. Be sure to view your test spot both day and night, and in different types of daylight (sunny, cloudy).

To help you narrow your selection at the paint store, consider the direction your house faces. If your house faces north, the color will look cooler, while a Southern exposure warms the color because of the higher amount of UV light.

Another consideration is how quickly the paint may fade due to your home’s sun exposure. While our painting techniques are designed to give you the longest-lasting color possible, some colors simply fade more quickly than others. Those include the following:

  • Reds
  • Blues
  • Greens
  • Yellows

To lessen the effects of fading too quickly, choose earth-tone colors like browns or tans.

Initial Steps to Exterior Paint Selection

It’s important to first evaluate the things you can’t change, so you can pick a paint color that work harmoniously with them:

  • Regulations of your homeowner’s association, such as a requirement for prior approval, or predetermined color palette options
  • The unpainted material of your home’s exterior, such as brick and stone
  • How your landscaping complements the exterior surfaces of your home

Tried and True Advice on Exterior Painting

While our exterior painters won’t pick your colors for you, we will share some time-tested exterior paint principles to help with the decision making process:

  • Lighter colors make a home seem larger
  • The front door is the hood ornament of a house, and deserves special color consideration
  • Pick a prominent accent color to highlight a unique beautiful design element of your home
  • To hide an unsightly design element of your home, pick a paint color that matches your siding
  • Dark cherry reds and bright yellows tend to fade quickly. It is good practice to reserve these colors as accent or interior paint

Selling Your Home?

When it comes to selling your home, think about painting from the top-down. One of the first items a potential home buyer will look at will be the roof. Make sure whichever paint color you choose coordinates with the roof. With a solid first impression, you create an interested buyer.

Some popular exterior home colors include the following:

  • White: Makes your home look larger and has a clean, classic look.
  • Beige: Sound boring? Your trim color selection can make a beige house sing.
  • Blue: If you go too dark, it can scare buyers away, while lighter shades often have a sophisticated effect.

For more information on selecting an exterior paint color, please visit Residential Exterior Palettes by Sherwin Williams. Browse a variety of regional, exterior painting color schemes to choose a look that fits your style.

You can also find the latest trends and tips in paint color on our blog. There, we cover popular trends in both exterior paint colors and interiors. Check it out!

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