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Commercial Exteriors

Professional Painting Maintenance for Multi-Family Properties 

Applying paint to a condominium, apartment building, or other multi-unit residential property is not much different than painting a residential home…except that there are 20 families to accommodate and coordinate instead of one.

We believe that ProTect Painters representatives and crews communicate with all involved parties, including individual residents, better than other painting companies.  We deeply respect each property and all those who live and work there.  We make every effort to maintain the use of outdoor common areas, keep noise to a minimum, and clean up debris daily.

Though the property manager may technically be the “customer”, we connect directly with residents to finish the job quickly, and with as little disruption as possible.  This includes posting notices, roping off parking lots, and knocking on doors to organize front door painting. 

Whether you are a property manager, board member, or resident, you can be assured that we take every step to provide quality and necessary information TO YOU as the job progresses. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of all those involved.

Commercial Exteriors - Multi-Family Properties

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